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Safety Programs:
Develop and implement your comprehensive safety & health program.

Safety & Health Inspections:
    Identify and correct hazards before they become an injury or an accident. Provide follow-up conference after the inspection with your workforce.

Corporate Safety Audits:
   Conduct comprehensive, physical audit  of your worksites to evaluate how successful safety is being managed, company wide. Including reviews of current safety policy, safety resources, employee input, training programs, recordkeeping, accident reporting, etc.

OSHA Compliance/Assistance:
    Provide OSHA type inspections for compliance. Provide support and assistance during OSHA inspections, conference or in right to contest of citations.
Accident/Incident Investigations:
    Conduct a detailed investigation to establish cause. Provide report with photos, drawings, sketches for potential insurance or legal claim or for OSHA citation. Create a plan of action to minimize further incidents.

    Provide training to meet your specific needs, such as OSHA 1O Hour Construction Outreach Course; Fall Protection; Scaffolding; Fork lift, etc

First Aid/CPR; Substance Abuse Programs